ARRUFF needs your help please !! 

3/21/16   We have taken in three sweet, young adult dogs

desperately needing to go through heartworm treatment:

This whole treatment including testing, two injections of Immiticide, & re-testing 

This will cost $546  - apiece !!

PLEASE help us help them by kindly donating towards their care using the PayPal button above.

LIL MAMA                               OL' RED                                 MICAH​


ARRUFF so appreciates donations of any amount !

We understand that not everyone is able to foster dogs in their homes

PLEASE consider donating as YOUR WAY of helping us help the abandoned lives,

The homeless, the abused ones, and all of the sweet puppies, dogs and cats in our care !!

​   Thank you !!


Arkansas Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends